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    we enable immediate on-line support of machines
    by securely controlling access for your technicians
    to connect to a global install base of equipment.

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    enables you to make enlightened decisions
    by knowing what is happening on the
    production floor - even if you are not there

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    achieve continual improvement in efficiency
    while maintaining competitiveness
    at facilities around the world

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Ei3′s Remote Monitoring Cloudtm harnesses the power of M2M communications by monitoring machines & devices to provide people & systems with real-time actionable information enabling deeper understanding of performance and enlightened decisions.   By bridging the distance between these producers and users of information, Ei3′s platforms foster new business models with innovative on-line value propositions to meet the  challenges presented to leading global enterprises within a wide and diverse range of industries.

Ei3′s proven technology platform delivers smart service applications in the cloud, a method that is also called Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS.  By leveraging technology to create new ways to view enterprise performance, Ei3 harnesses innovation to promote growth. With a track record of successful smart services projects spanning more than a decade, Ei3 is familiar with the challenges of creating and deploying new online services.  Building upon its proven methodology, Ei3 participates throughout the smart service business development cycle. First, by helping to envision technology’s role in supporting the business model, then by designing, building, and hosting complete platform solutions.

Smart service platforms are based on Ei3′s established technologies using standard application building blocks and consist of packaged solutions of remote monitoring technology that:

      • Measure energy & resource use at manufacturing facilities to track product and packaging sustainability
      • Enable secure controlled remote technician access to equipment controllers, computers, & devices
      • Monitor and apply six sigma and lean manufacturing analysis to track production and quality


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