Argo Remote Services

Companies that deliver complex machines and devices are often challenged by technical service requirements. Enabling service teams to meet this challenge was the inspiration for our Argo Remote Service Platform. This hosted application provides a foundation for a Smart Services program which enables the right person to deliver the right skills at the right place, with the least cost and the greatest speed. With Argo, both manufacturers and service providers have an affordable and secure environment to take advantage of the benefits of remote service.

Argo is a web application hosted in the cloud that controls access to remote devices and enables technical support service providers and other users to connect to remote equipment safely and securely from any location. Equipment owners use Argo to create, manage, and distribute access “keys” to designated support professionals. Access to all equipment is controlled by the Argo server enabling granular control for each individual machine.

High-speed secure tunnels through the Internet connect Argo’s gateway server with the users’ web browsers and machines around the world. No additional VPN software or training of service personnel is required, since they use a standard web browser and the same control software they would on-site to examine and rectify problems.

Reports are provided to audit access to equipment, facilitate system management, measure user activity, network status, and provide remote troubleshooting summaries.

Web Services

Ei3 suite of Internet applications are used by manufacturers to gather, processes and analyze large amounts of machine data. Users are provided with mobile apps, web pages, dashboards and reports that show key performance indicators describing the performance, uptime and quality of machine output. Actionable information about machine production becomes even more valuable when it is integrated fully into the enterprise. But in traditional implementations there are many technical challenges that make this a daunting task for many companies. Ei3’s Web Service solves this by providing powerful set of tools that link shop-floor data into ERP, Quality and other enterprise computing platforms.

The Web Service creates a powerful and convenient source of real-time manufacturing information that is available to authorized computing systems. The Web Service was designed to meet stringent security requirements because information is only provided if the request is accompanied by an authorization key and all transmission of data is done through secure protocols. As a part of the Ei3 Remote Monitoring Cloud, the Web Service creates a secure way for companies to reap the benefits of Web 3.0 within the perimeter of their enterprise. This richly featured Application Programming Interface allows authorized computers to use a library of programming methods that exchange data with Ei3’s Remote Monitoring Cloud.

Web Service Features

  • Provides access to all data within the Remote Monitoring Cloud
  • Extensive Library of Methods
  • Representational State Transfer (REST)
  • All Data Transmitted through Secure Protocols
  • Security Key Required for Data Access
  • Full CRUD Support

Technical documentation is available here


Enterprise Remote Monitoring

Too often valuable production information is hidden deep inside the devices that control equipment and other production assets. Due to technical, geographical or other reasons the people who need equipment productivity information can’t access it and therefore have to make their business decisions without it. The Ei3 Enterprise Remote Monitoring core provides visibility to production information whether the equipment is in the next room or on a remote continent. The purpose of the Enterprise Remote Monitoring Core is to extract machine data and supply it as information to a larger audience of people and systems using secure internet technologies. Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma parameters can be charted in real time or called up in a historical mode to show past trends.

The Ei3 Enterprise Remote Monitoring core gathers data directly from the digital control systems that make equipment run. This data is stored in a data warehouse and is available to be displayed in a number of ways. Past production data can be provided to management, technical process information can be provided to engineers, and equipment performance information can be delivered to maintenance personnel. Nearly every piece of equipment or asset within a manufacturing enterprise can connect to the Enterprise Remote Monitoring Core and benefit from Remote Monitoring. In most cases equipment already has the necessary instrumentation installed, Remote Monitoring interfaces directly with the existing control devices creating a cost effective way to acquire the data. If a machine or asset does not have the necessary control system installed, a small device to enable remote monitoring can be added.


Energy Tracking Core

Across the supply chain companies of all types are becoming aware of new and changing requirements for measuring and reporting on the sustainability of the products they make and ship. Reporting to organizations such as the Carbon Disclosure Project and the GHG protocol as well as in-house programs to comply with ISO 50001 is creating new challenges for data collection that requires a better understanding of the dynamics of production including measurement of energy and water consumption along with productivity.

The Ei3 Energy Tracking Core provides manufacturers with a central online system to track electric, gas and water usage for a production floor. This consumption data can be compared against preset targets to notify when unusual spikes in usage or other defects occur. The Energy Tracking Core monitors, analyzes, stores and reports on energy activity, automatically generating reports for usage analysis, reporting to sustainability tracking bodies, or internal verification systems.

Energy Tracking Features

Real-time energy consumption and cost data
Data warehousing of historical information
Reporting in customizable formats
Access to Best Practices corner
Real-time alarming system
Multi-point charting for trend analysis
Energy dashboard for quick state analysis
Data entry ability for operationalcosts and metrics
Integration of energy data into financial system
Monthly performance reporting
Integration to Plant-wide control systems


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Features Common to All Services

  • Works with other Ei3 products to provide a complete solution for Smart Service delivery
  • “White Label” Style and Branding
  • Integrates to existing networks and firewalls
  • Patented technology allows access to a wide range of devices
  • Remote access control and reporting
  • Enterprise user management with support for multiple tier organizations
  • Online technical information document library
  • Operates on a highly available hosted enterprise platform