The most secure solution for
connecting machines to the internet
ei3 is forging purposeful IoT in manufacturing

Secure network and access

Remote machine fixing

Reduce downtime

Improve Quality

Save Energy

ei3 is the authority in secure
manufacturing connectivity

You don’t have to do IoT by yourself, or be the first to try


years experience







ei3’s solution is accepted by IT
organizations around the world

allowing OEMs and SIs to focus on delivering the value of IoT

Downtime costs millions

Puts your client relationships at risk

You can’t afford to wait for a technician to travel to your facility. Thousands of facilities around the globe have already setup IoT specifically to allow remote fixing from the proper technician or contractor. These facilities are getting their machines up and running faster while you’re falling behind.

Technical help is online

Your experts (from anywhere in
the world) can do their job

With ei3's IoT solution, the right technicians, employees, and contractors have access to the right systems and machines. Many common problems and failures can be fixed remotely. This reduces the cost of maintenance and the amount of downtime.

Built for manufacturing

For OEMs

Shore up your facilities with
remote fixing and problem predictions.

For Systems Integrators

Offer our secure managed network
as a monthly retainer.

IoT with purpose

Get the ROI you need now

We’ve been doing the internet of things since before IoT was a thing. We know that you don’t want to do IoT because it’s cool. First, we help you use IoT for remote fixes. Other results—like predicting and preventing machine failure follows suit.

Connect to our secure managed network

ei3 is approved by IT and managed by OT. Our IoT hardware plugs into a managed secure network with embedded security features so that busy technicians can’t introduce weaknesses.

It’s our global responsibility to monitor, patch, and maintain the integrity of our ISO 27001 compliant, secure solution so you don’t have to.

Hassle-free setup and configuration

No custom programming is needed for you to collect data and use our suite of IoT applications out-of-the-box. We help your team get started immediately.

Based on our 20 years’ experience, we help your team setup and structure the machines so that data can be more easily cleaned and corralled.

On-demand, self-service solution

ei3 provides the hardware, software, and secure managed network to help you drive real results from machine connectivity.

We also offer all of the training guides and documentation your team needs during setup. But if you need hands-on help, that option is available to you.

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