IoT Custom Enterprise Dashboard Gives Multi-Awareness

Coming from the Japanese word for “Paper Lantern”, Andon display boards visually broadcast the status of a line or machine for everyone in the plant to see.  It works so well that lean manufacturing experts will make this one of their top priorities for a shop floor. The Internet of Things provides a perfect dashboard solution for machine data capture, analysis, and display.  In the cloud, Machine production data can be converted into OEE and other KPIs, and then Web TVs can be used for the display.

ei3 brings innovation, experience, and design to create beautiful and informative shop floor displays. In a typical project, we show you some reference ideas and then work together to create a custom display that exactly meets your needs.  Jobs, Shifts, Machines, Recipes are individually tracked and compared to your targets. Once the design is ready to run, ei3 can host the display in the cloud, or you can run it locally.  If you have web programming skills, you can use the ei3 API to make your own.

Make the andons a source of information for you to drive continuous improvement.

Andon Display Features & Benefits

  • Proven to increase production
  • Call attention to areas where needed
  • Improves operator accountability
  • Advanced production statistics
  • Easily scalable to larger displays
  • Customizable format
  • WiFi networking saves time and installation costs

Our Gallery of Andon Display:

Sable - andon display
Dynamo - andon display
Compact - andon display
Farsa - andon display
Maxima - andon display
columns - andon display
Vert - andon display

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