Comply with exacting standards by controlling process quality in real time.  ei3 provides tools to capture tests, analyze results and send alerts while your process line is running.  ei3 also provides tools for batch and recipe management, multi-step analysis and proactive alerting. This solution enables an operation to constantly improve by controlling the things that affect quality

These ei3 Software-as-a-Service IoT tools help global enterprises achieve quality manufacturing

Enter Quality Test Results

Digital Quality

ei adds Digital Quality Management to the Industrial IoT.   The ei quality application provides tools to capture and store quality lab test results.  In the cloud, ei3’s powerful analytic engine compares test results to machine monitored parameters.  All information is stored in a secure off-site location to provide a robust and secure Quality management solution.   Certificate of Analysis reports are generated when needed to provide the highest level of quality assurance. 

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Recipe and Program Controls

Process Management

A great way to make high quality production is to start with the right recipe or program.  ei3 provides tools to capture, improve and manage recipe & program controls.  Pre-set machines and reach optimal settings to get jobs started quickly with minimal waste.  Learning algorithms are used to reach higher levels of production and quality.  Dynamic control limits are automatically set and alerts dispatched when recipes programs are loaded to keep machines operating withing defined limits.

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SPC Reduces Waste

Statistical Process Control

By analyzing and computing statistics for incoming data, ei3 powers real time statistical process control.  SPC enables more rapid and accurate detection of potential quality problems by dispatching alerts that prompt corrective actions.  

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Advanced Lathe Tool

Job & Tool Tracking

Keeping track of a production run can provide valuable insight into the quality of produced materials.  ei3 helps do that by tracking jobs through the manufacturing steps.  Machines or work-cells are associated with job runs, recipes are applied and even the tools used are tracked making for complete records of how parts or materials were made.

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